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Rayan Environment Solutions has been serving the communities of the Greater Moncton area and New Brunswick since 1989. Being the only company that conducts glass recycling in Atlantic Canada, we strive to provide environmentally friendly recycling services.



Murray Cruickshank founded the company more than 30 years ago! Murray has been an innovator all his life, and founding Environment Solutions happens to be one of his entrepreneurial ventures. Nowadays, we often hear people speaking about the importance of recycling and preserving the mother earth, however, Murray thought about building a company that focuses on environmentally friendly recycling way back in 1989. Murray is from the greater Moncton area, and he still manages his large family homestead farm there. Our staff includes:


Lindsey Cruickshank

Accounts Payable and Marketing Coordinator

Ron Clarke

Fleet Manager

Patsy Butler-Dunstan

Glass Manager and Accounts Payable

Susan Robichaud

Safety Coordinator

Shelly Demont

Redemption Coordinator

Scott Demont

General Manager - Transportation

Brian Humphrey


Mark Demont

Yard and Operations Manager

Rayan Environment Solutions employs over 90 people who take pride in contributing to society by offering environment-friendly recycling services. Get in touch with us today!

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